Dreamer’s Deep Realm

  • Filled a small container full of Night-Time Baby Lotion.
  • DS-4 Spirit Guide Oil
  • DS-3 πŸŒ’ Water
  • DS-2 Peppermint & Orange Oil
  • DS-1 Eucalyptus & πŸ‹ Grass Oil

DS is “Dreamer Suction.” (My phrase)

About that much. Basically stick your eye dropper into the essential oil and suction out that much.

The number by “DS” is how many times you suction oil out with your eye dropper. Put it in your lotion and mix. The πŸŒ’ water I used is from our triple πŸŒ’ from January of 2018.

If you make your own spaghetti sauce, then you know the importance of stirring. Likewise, stir the lotion for a period of time in which you feel led. To me, you are putting your energy into it. Also stir clockwise.

This is for psychic awareness and prophetic psychic dreams. Before you go to bed, put some lotion on your feet and 3rd eye. Sleep tight!

Results soon……

3/20/2018: I woke up from a dream where I was at calling hours and funeral for someone. I do know that most people there are from my dad’s side of the family. I wasn’t sad but my usual peppy self. I’ll let you know if anything happens.

I want to add that there has been some synchronicity in the last few days. On Sunday, my friend James did a private periscope using his new Gyspy Fortune cards. He pulled 3 of them for me. 2 of them stuck out. I have seen that deck before at a local shop on Yellow Springs, Ohio. I wanted to buy own.

That night as I was ready to sleep, I swear I heard someone talking to me. It might of me being in out of dream land. I don’t know. I don’t remember what was said.

The next day I went to that shop and saw 2 people working who I haven’t seen in awhile. It looked like those cards were sold but the lady looked behind the case and had one more. Due to the fact it is under 10 dollars, (If using a debit or CC, you have to spend 10 or above) I need something to buy that would take me over the 10 dollar mark. She told me to hold on and went to the back. She brought out this.

This crystal is called “Avalonite.”

Interestingly I been doing some research recently in connecting with Elves, Land Spirts, etc…. Also, this crystal promotes the same things as the essential oil combo of this entry. She said she led to get that crystal for me. I will say it has tremendous energy. By simply holding this crystal over your third eye or any other area, you can feel it’s energy. I did a evp session and apparently there are ten spirits connected to this crystal. 2 different sessions with various apps.

Part 1: Click HERE

Part 2: Click HERE


I believe the 3/20 update, the dream, is connected to my childhood friend who passed.

Click HERE

Interestingly, she messaged me on the 20th at 1:30 am, the same morning as my dream. I just got back on FB and she messaged me to let me know that she been wondering about me and it’s been awhile. (5/10/2018.. I want to add it also could apply to my cousin who passed on April 13. She is on my dad’s side.)


I did a 10 card Celtic Spread for Ash on Periscope this morning. The extra cards are confirmation cards. My interpretation and I am hoping I am wrong, is that someone is going to pass in her family in days to weeks. I believe it will be a male, with either the element of fire or acts like that element. Both her and I are curious but at this time we don’t know who it is.

Ash added that she had a dream about death last night. I asked her after the broadcast to type it up for me so I can post it to this blog.

My immediate family with my step mom,step bros, and grandparents were all living in this 3 story house.

I’m always having this reoccurring dream of living in a house where there is some random nasty demon like spirit running around, and she was in this dream too.

The only person missing, was my dad. Even my grandpa who has been gone a few years was alive and well in the dream.

We had been trying to pack for a camp we were going to, us kids… even though we were the ages we are now… all adults. I was mad, because I couldn’t find my new toothbrush and was thinking at any moment I’m going to run into that evil spirit.

That’s when I was told I think by my mom that someone had died but we didn’t know who, just that it had been one of us in the house, and we needed to leave asap so to hurry up and pack more stuff than I was.

We were planning on leaving for good as a group to somewhere,and as we were all leaving, minus weird spirit,and got outside, I woke up.

Interestingly, I had a dream about death last night. In my dream, there was a rich guy (played by Donald Trump) who knew my family and always treated us good. Someone passed but I don’t know who. Whoever it was, he made sure we were taken care of.

The other part I remember was my daughter and I were standing out in our grandmother’s yard, looking at the dark stormy clouds. After a few minutes, there was a news crew helicopter chasing the storm heading southeast. That’s what I can remember.

I just got back from Yellow Springs and bought this.

Basically it’s a 3 pack of Tarot cards. Basically if you have a question in mind, you pick one of the packs and hopefully you should have an answer. Well, I was very curious about the read this morning. So I thought about the read and the dreams. In my dream, the helicopter and the storm were moving southeast. In Native American Medicine Wheel, the east and south are either yellow or red. So the combo of those 2 colors is orange. Starting with the 1st orange I seen, I counted to 7 which end up being the pack all the way in the back. Here is what I got…..

I opened them up and laid them down in the order I saw them. The question is, should they be in the straight or reversed position. Let me explain the spread from this morning.

1. Queen of Rods. (Situation A) Represents Ash. She is a πŸ”₯ sign.

2. 10 of Swords. (Situation B) A serious situation is about to occur.

3. King of Rods. (Past) This has to do with a man that is either a πŸ”₯ sign or acts like that element. Someone above 40. Looking at all 3, felt that it will be a death.

4. The Empress. (Short Term. Between now and 6 months.) She will increase from this loss both physically and Spiritually.

4. Ace of Rods reversed. (Inside A)

5. The Star reversed. (Inside B) Combined has to do with lack of energy and sadness that is associated with the loss.

7. 8 of Pentacles reversed. (Advice Card) Don’t let emotions get to you to where it causes more pain and loss.

8. The World. (External Influence) This is tied into someone else than Ash. I believe connected to the one that is gonna pass. The World is end of something and on to the next. This card is the last of the major arcana.

9. 8 of Rods. (Hope or Fears) I think it can be applied to both. Fear that it is going to happen soon and hope would be that things move smoothly after the individual passes.

10. Queen of Swords. (Outcome) A woman alone but stronger.

11. 10 of Pentacles. (Conformation Card) Family Support Card. This reminds me of the rune Othila. So tells me the person who is supposed to pass will be from the family.

12. 3 of Swords. (Time Frame)

1. πŸ”₯ is hours to days. From 2 hours to 13 days.

2. Sword days to weeks. From 2 days to 7 weeks 6 days.

3. Water is weeks to months. From 2 weeks to 7 weeks 6 days.

4. Earth is months to years. From 2 months till day before 2 years.

So in the case of this read, the sword represents May 12 to July 9.

The 3 cards from the pack I interpret from a reversed position.

1. 10 of cups reversed is a disruption in the family, loss, empty nest, etc….

2. Strength reversed is health issues that leads to death.

3. Chariot reversed is conflict, plans fall through, out of one’s hands, etc….

I will add my clock has been on 8:08 most of the time for about a week. Haven’t seen it be stuck on 8:08 this long since my uncle Bob died last December.


Sometime early Saturday morning I had a dream I was on my way to my grandma’s 🏠. I drove my car coming out of town on 309 and the sky made me feel it like it was late evening. I don’t remember transitioning from my car to being inside her 🏠.

The 🏠 was her old trailer. She had that trailer up till the early 2000’s and had a new house built. I often have dreams of her old trailer.

I was standing in her kitchen and wanted to go back to town to get her a few things. I walked outside and evening quickly became night. I got to my car and noticed a flying squirrel approaching me from the West. I didn’t want him to run into me, so I used mental telepathy to slow him down some. He slowed down and hovered to the ground. Then above me, I seen an πŸ¦… fly east.

I stood there wondering if it was indeed an πŸ¦… and my dad came out of nowhere and confirmed that it was an πŸ¦… along with other thoughts that I don’t remember that was said. That is all I remember of the dream.

Is this another layer? The 1st dream had my daughter, myself, grandma’s property, and helicopter flying Southeast behind the storm. This dream is dad, grandma, flying squirrel, πŸ¦…, myself, and her property. I also was standing in the same spot too.

Direction of the storm in the 1st dream. As you can see, it follows more south. I originally said southeast, but upon further review I believe it is south.

From my 2nd dream. Now this is more southeast. Both pictures you can see a dot. That is where I believe I was both times in my dream.

We will see what happens. To be continued……


For the entry of 5/10/2018, came true. Ash’s cousin passed away today after a 6 year battle with cancer and other related elements. He was 55. He must of been the πŸ”₯ since he fought with such courage. In the 3 card section, 2 of the 3 is cups. He is a Pisces. The strength card is the health card. As for Ash’s dream with the evil spirit, look no further than Loki. Click HERE


My conclusion for the mix I made last year is nothing more than placebo effect. I just made a new batch a few minutes ago and look forward to seeing interesting results.

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