Brothers Reunite

On May 2, I posted (social media account) that my great uncle Jim passed away who is my late grandpa Jack’s brother. Admittedly, I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw him. The only one I was close with when it comes to grandpa Jack’s brothers and sisters was great uncle Bob. When I lived in Florida, Bob lived beside my dad and after some years, moved in with my dad. Bob passed away on June 3 of 2009. I don’t want to forget Bob’s late wife Dolores who was cool. I got to know her back in 2000 when I first lived in Florida for the first time briefly.

I just looked to see when she passed and amazed at the date. She passed on 1/12/2002. See 1/12 connection

Bee Gees Connection


Phil Lynott Connection

This year, since the passing of my grandpa Jack back on 2/13/1992, was the first year to dream about him not once, not twice, but three times. Hel, it’s hard to get even one dream about him. It’s like pulling teeth.

The 1st dream took place on 3/13/2020 (one month after his 28th anniversary of his passing). What I remember from that dream was that I was surprised to see grandpa Jack. I went with him to my grandma’s house. Also he had a cat with him which he was never a cat person. Also in that dream, I got a ticket. On the ticket the number changed from 9 to 4. Now, I didn’t know this at the time, but if you were to take 49 days from 3/13 you get to 5/1. Keep 5/1 in your mind.

The 2nd dream happened on 3/19/2020 (19 is my number. I was born on 7/19, my oldest son 9/19, and my youngest 11/19). I was at a old house with grandpa Jack and my grandmother’s best friend Nelle who passed back in October of 2017. They wanted to see grandma and surprisingly, she showed up to the house and then she went with them somewhere.

There were other parts to the dream and and I did some math last night to see if 5/1 would pop up anywhere. I dreamt of 7 people in that dream in which I took all their bdays and found each person’s life path number. Then take all the life path numbers and add them up. I got 43. If you take 43 days from 3/19/2020, you get 5/1. I didn’t notice this at the time mind you. I looked last night and did the math.

The 3rd and final dream occured on 4/14/2020. There was nothing that stuck out about that date at first. In my dream I was driving grandpa Jack somewhere. He sat in the backseat and we had a minimal conversation. I was surprised he was alive again after all these years.

That’s it. That was the last dream I had about grandpa Jack.

On 5/2, my cousin informed me that grandpa Jack’s brother Jimmie passed away. A day later I saw the obituary and was confused with the error. Above his picture it says he was born 1/14 but in the obituary it says he was born 4/14. Also, my cousin believed he passed on 5/2 but the obituary said 5/1.

So last night I got to thinking. I keep a dream journal and wanted to see when I dreamt of grandpa Jack. As stated above, 3/13, 3/19, & 4/14. I was like “whoa!” Did I just dream about grandpa Jack on his brother’s bday? So I messaged another cousin of mine to ask if Jimmie’s bday was either on 1/4 or 4/14. He confirmed 4/14. I got cold chills lol. When it comes to Jimmie’s passing, apparently it was real late on the 1st.

I also did some math again. I have to add in the 4/14 dream, Cindy Crawford was in it lol. Her bday is 2/20 which is 7 days after grandpa Jack’s passing. I was curious if any numbers added to May 1. Since I saw myself in 3rd person, if you add grandpa, Cindy, and me (months we were born) you get 17. 17 days from 4/14/2020 is 5/1.

I want to add another layer. On 4/18, I dreamt I was at a gas station on the corner of Harding Way W & Portland Way and I was looking towards the south. I was talking with some guy and saw my uncle Bob (Jack’s son, not brother) pull into the gas station in a Camaro. Then pulled out and took off.

The guy and I took off and drove south. As we were driving, Bob’s friend Bo passed us. He was driving fast. I said to the guy, “he doesn’t give a 💩 doesn’t he?” He agreed and we laughed.

Bo died on June 3, 2016. That is also the same day great uncle Bob (Jack’s brother) died but 7 years prior.

When I take uncle Bob and Bo’s birthdays and add up their life path numbers, I get 13. 13 days from 4/18 is 5/1.


Also Chris’s dad bday is June 3.

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