Durin N Vernon: Dream Realm.

On June 5, 2020:

“This one is special I feel. I believe it to be haunted. It came from the man’s collection. The man who passed last month.” said my mother in law.

I decided to hang the bear up on my wall next to my bear dream catcher that I purchased back in March. If this bear was truly haunted, I would need proof. I don’t view “haunted” in a negative view but some sort of connection with the previous owner.

“Well, if you are haunted, make it known however you want.” I called out to the bear.

Just after 12:20 am on June 6th, I came down the steps. As soon as I left the last step, the song “Touch Too Much” by ACDC blared through my brain. I checked my phone and a friend sent me a video of her metal shirt collection. In the 20 plus second video, the 11th shirt in was ACDC “Highway to Hell” cover.


“Touch Too Much” is the 4th song on ACDC’s 6th album “Highway to Hell.”

About an hour later, Ash messages me about a her friend’s husband playing “TNT” by ACDC, with his band at a bar in Texas. She sent me a link and I watched it.

“WTF? What is the ACDC synchronicity all about? Did the guy who owned the bear really in to ACDC? Does it apply to something else?” I asked myself.

That following morning, I complied some notes in relation to ACDC’ two songs and album.

Highway to Hell album: Recorded December 1978 in Australia. The album was released on July 27, 1979. Nothing stuck out with those dates.

Touch Too Much: Released December 1979 (US) & Jan 25, 1980 (UK). This song was last performed in concert on December 14, 1979. This song was last televised on February 7, 1980, just 12 day before Bon Scott’s death on February 19, 1980. December 14 is when my uncle Bob died and February 7th was my aunt Pam’s husband’s birthday.

TNT: This song is off ACDC’s 2nd album that was released on December 1, 1975 in Australia. Nothing stuck out to me.

I got up from my table and saw a painting of Satan on Night Gallery (a show from the late 60s hosted by Rod Serling). I looked up the episode “Whisper of Evil” and saw that it that it was released on April 8, 1972. See my blog entry Synchronicity of 8. Click HERE

A few moments later, Ash sends me a pic of a bear that she downloaded from a Native American group.

So far, I hadn’t told her about the ACDC synchronicity. I was curious why she would send me a picture of a bear? Up to that point, I didn’t know the guy’s name who owned the bear.

Then I received a message from another friend:

“Hey, would you be willing to work with me on a infestation at a house?
I haven’t been a full power for awhile and may need extra to deal with this booger from what I’m hearing.”

I accepted but decided I would assist the following Sunday (which end up getting canceled due to mold in the house).

On June 15th, I end up buying another item from his collection.

Interestingly, Gene and my late grandpa Jack share the same bdays.

I still didn’t know the guy’s name and here I am buying an item that fits with this demonic related theme. I bought this item on the 15th (The Devil card is number 15 in tarot.) My synchronicity happened on 6/6/2020 which equals 16 (Mars Tower Card) and if I include Ash’s friends location (Texas), it was still 6/5/2020 which is 15.

Interesting how the the number 16 Tower connection came into play. So on my way down to visit family on the morning of the 15th, I got some shocking news. A friend of mine’s mother had a stroke and was life flighted to Columbus.

The backstory:

On April 13, I dreamt of my friend and in the dream, her car broke down in the city I reside. I asked where she was at so I can pick her up and she responded that she was already in Chillicothe.

Then I stopped at the VFV to use the bathroom. After I used the bathroom, I walked through the parking lot to the end of VFW’s property. I stood at the edge of the road looking over across the way. I saw a van flying backwards out of the sky and I watch it land on the airstrip perfectly. Then the van drove to me. The side door opened and there was 2 people on oxygen.

I told my friend about the dream and pulled a few tarot cards to see if I could get any insight regarding my dream. I told her that something will move fast in the next two months with your mom (April 13-June 13). Her mom has been battling cancer for over a year. I didn’t see death, but something in relation to her mother.

On June 13th, I asked about her mother and she informs me she is doing as best as she can. She also tells me her boyfriend was flying out after a bit and will be back on the 14th. I found that interesting. He left and came back with no problems. It made me rethink my dream.

On June 15th, 2 days after my dead line of two months, she had a stroke. The doctor’s have no clue why she had one which is weird.

The next day, I found out the guy’s name (Vernon). I found out that he was born on December 6th, same day as Ozzy’s guitarist Randy Rhoades bday. I couldn’t find his obituary, so I didn’t know when he officially passed. December 6 I had no connection to.

On June 18th, I called on Durin, made 2 staves, and wrote his name 2 different ways as a bind rune. My aim is to connect with Ash in the dream world (I have used her in other tests that were successful).

My dream that night all I remember was looking for a woman and I saw a house.

On June 19th, my parents came down to hang out for a bit. They decided to buy me a bday gift a month early. What did I get?

Interestingly, a book I been waiting for weeks finally came in the mail right before we left to pick up John Dee’s collection.

My parents also brought me down a big bookshelf they got for free. After they left, I did some rearranging in the dining room.

Notice the CDs up top? Those are also from the guy’s collection. He had good taste!!

Sleep time came and here is my dream:

First dream. Something about symbols unlocking everything. Depends on what one wants to do.

Second dream: I saw a few of my cousins and something about having stains on their pants.

Third dream: I walked down the sidewalk in North Robinson. Saw my old friend Nate’s old house. It was remodeled. I left and went to a room where I closed the door and locked it in anticipation of some girl who would try to come in. I was naked and didn’t want her to see me naked. She opened the door. I told her I was naked and she said that it was fine lol.

Fourth dream: I was in line talking to people. I had a doctor appt at 1. I didn’t want to go. Then i got a call to train to lay cable down in Dayton.

I woke up to this message from Ash:

“So I had Mr Big To Be With You in my head and looked it up.

Got looking at the band members and the last one I grabbed to check is born on my sisters ex’s bday who I’m close to and was in Dayton Ohio.”

Funny, I just dreamt of me being offered to train in Dayton.

She continued:

“I fell back asleep and I was using the starman tarot and the cards and I was telling whoever was behind me that the cards told me to use tarot. I just pulled these asking who it was I referring to in my dream and the cards equal 13 strange!”

Ash continued:

“Now an interesting thing. Nate just had a son celebrate his birthday May 12 (interestingly, Ash lost a cousin on that day back in 2012). So he’s a Taurus. So set aside the ten Pentacles as being the kid and add up the lovers and the 6 swords rev – that’s 12 – the kids birthday.

Now the lovers could represent his other kid who just had a bday June 9. And that leaves you w 10+6=16/7 tower/Chariot.”

I told her that it was amazing that I dreamt of my old friend Nate and here she is talking about a different Nate along with Dayton. Mmmmm?

I wanted to know more about this dream of hers.

She tells me:

“That’s what I said earlier when I was telling you about my dream.

I dreamt I was talking to someone behind me that I couldn’t see and i was pulling three cards w the star man tarot. I was telling the person behind me that the cards were indicating that I pull cards about it – hence why I pulled cards about it.

Was this morning when I fell back asleep before you were up.”

I wonder who was behind her? Me? Durin?

She also informed me that she did an impromptu read after she woke up for a client. Her son passed away with controversy and his birthday was on December 6, same as Vernon.

Since she mentioned the band Mr. Big, I sent this picture to her. Yesterday I put these CDs up and Mr. Big is the 6th one in and the other Mr. Big CD is 16th one in. I thought they were both together and now the 16th is the 7th.

I added up my old friend Nate’s bday and he has a life path 5. Ash pointed out to me that in 5 days is the anniversary of her cousin Brett’s passing. He was apart of my prediction back in 2018. Click HERE

Read Ash’s blog about this. Click HERE

Oh and one more thing, my friend’s boyfriend who flew out on the 13th, his birthday is July 13th, same as John Dee.

To be continued….

3:30 pm EST

About an hour ago, I finished reorganizing my dining room again lol. Then it hit me! I immediately checked the calendar to see what I wrote on May 17 (day Vernon died) and I wrote the Bat returned and my Satanic Bible by Michael Aquino was made for me (print on demand).

When I think about ACDC “Highway to Hell,” Night Gallery episode, the number 15, and now owning “The Demon” Gene Simmons figure (what other points I missed lol), it was all pointing to the day he died, May 17. I didn’t officially know that he died on the 17th until today. Before, a friend of his told me he believed Vernon passed around May 15.

Oh, and he died 5 days after Ash’s cousin (different years).

To be continued….

6/21/2020 Happy Father’s Day.

My personal notes I am working on. I’ll explain more in the 25th.

Which made me think of the Hawaiian goddess Pele. I blogged about my experience with her back in 2018. Click HERE

I decided to draw the ring and burn it in my cauldron.

To be continued….


Here is my dream:

In my dream. I was out on some property. Melissa used some kind of reflector and aimed the beam towards the sky. I looked up and it blinded the pilot of a small helicopter. It slowed down and then comes a paratrooper with Joe Biden (former vice president of Obama and currently running against Trump). Joe greeted someone and said “we will land here.” Then head to the woods.

I watched the woods to see what he was doing. There was others in the woods. I even saw our current Vice President Mike Pence walking on a trail.

Then I am with Kentucky relatives. The one girl I talked to said they are from Pennsylvania but live in Kentucky. It kinda felt like grandpa was around. Idk.

Then I was outside again and there was a small group of people sitting in the chairs waiting for Joe to speak. I saw a friend of mine and we talked for a bit. I had two beers left and was going to give one to another friend. He came out from the woods and I have him a Heineken. Then he went back to the woods to talk with someone.

Here is Ash’s dream:

was moving into a haunted house w my mom and sister and grandpa Bruce – I don’t dream of him ever. I couldn’t choose which room bc I couldn’t discern the spirits what the wanted.

Apparently my old cat Zeus was still around and sick bc my counsellor Susan who had the heart attack stopped by to give her condolences. We were out on a sun porch or gazebo and there were big coloured flowers outside.

At the end of the dream I talked to a woman spirit and told her why we were there and that it was okay and not to be afraid of us.


  • Susan and Joe Biden share the same bday (Nov 20).
  • Ash’s grandpa (whom she never dreams about) initials are J.B. Same as Joe Biden (I never dreamt of him before).
  • Susan & Joe bday comes 5 days after Ash’s uncle Casey’s death (Nov 15). The guy I gave a beer to in my dream is 5 days before 3 people painted and is currently hanging on my wall deaths (May 20).

I end up doing a broadcast and did some Mediumship. I started tapping the Green Acres theme. I asked Leslie when her grandmother’s bday was and she said 9/21/1933. I looked to see when Green Acres first appeared on TV and it was Sept 15, 1965. Her grandmother would of turned 32 (5) that following week. 5s follow Leslie. There is a 6 day difference. I believe her grandmother will pass within 6 days.

Another person I read end up leading to August. I got to thinking about a dream I had with Ash where there was woods and checked to see when it was on August 3, 2019.

The dream:


Streak ended with nostalgia. My streak of remembering dreams continues: I wanted to go visit a friend of mine in Canada. What is weird is that I felt I was in New York and Ohio. Also Russia was really Canada lol. I apparently didn’t have to have a passport because I walked on a trail through the woods to get to Russia/Canada lol.

My daughter and I made it to my friend’s apartment. It was cool to see another friend of mine, Martin, playing video games from a comfy chair. I sat down and played with him. I don’t remember which game it was.

Next, my other friend and I went into town. I remember talking to various people and wanted to get a feel for the area. It was getting late, so we walked back to the house where I wondered if I should spend the night or walk back home? I decided to spend the night.

The next day I went to some guy’s house and chatted with him. He was around 5’8″ to 5’10” and African American. Then I am walking on some road in a subdivision. To my right there was an old white lady playing cards with a older African American. The other African American I was just with chatted with them briefly and went back to power walking. I said to myself that it was great seeing people out and about without their cell phones, actually engaging with one another.

Before I left to go home, I remember looking at the town from the edge of the woods and wondered where I am going to work? Lol.

Her response on August 3, 2019:

23 (5). Her cat is mentioned. Zeus was put down on Dec 23, 2017.

As for the current dream, another triangle (obtuse).

To be continued…..


My Dream: Alan was looking at my Facebook and his face appeared. He said the number 8 goes beyond. I forget what saying he wrote. It looked like he had a picture of George Washington and others. It is as if he were saying the number 8 will always out lived them or something to that effect.

Then I was in a classroom to take a test. There was math equations that were blacked out. I asked the teacher if they were plus or minus. Then there was a tarot part of the test. I told her I knew the answers but needed to know if they were plus or minus.

George Washington:

  • Born a day before my uncle Bob’s bday and died the same day as uncle Bob.
  • Washington was president for 8 years.
  • Tomorrow marked his last day as a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses.
  • Their son died on Ash’s brother and step mom bday.
  • Shares the same bday as Ash’s great grandpa.
  • Martha was born on Ash’s brothers mom bday.

The connection still continues. Ash had a dream but nothing connecting to anything.

To be continued….


If you notice in the picture with the dates, June 25 seemed to suggest something unique was going to happen. I saw a Triangle in 3 important dates; May 12, May 17, and June 25.

On 6/24, only thing I could remember about my dream was something about Kentucky and angles. She didn’t remember her dream.

I created this sometime on the 24th. The triangle part is from Infernal Geometry by Toby Chappell. I added the bind rune.

This lead to an interesting dream.

So on 6/25, Ash slept for 17 hours lol. She did dream of me using my Norse cards on FB (Durin is from that deck).

My dream:

I was in this house that reminded me of my old step grandparents house. There was a catfish in this big tank. I didn’t want to touch it. I wanted to cook it tho. So Melissa said she would get it out. She did and put it in a pot. I cooked it. Her husband Dave was sitting behind me.

I had to check to see when my former step grandparents were born and when they passed. Interestingly, they are both Gemini.

How do I interpret the dream? Mellissa and Dave are both Capricorn ruled by Saturn. We were in my former step grandparents house. Since they are Gemini, you could say Saturn in the 3rd house or Saturn in Gemini. Interestingly, Ash’s Saturn is in her 3rd house.

The fish can mean multiple things. The fish to me represents Pisces. June 25th marks two things:

  • Ash’s cousin Brett’s passing. He was a Pisces.
  • My daughter’s grandmother’s passing. She was a Gemini.

I also see this dream as honing in. Saturn in Gemini does that.

Later on that night, I did a live broadcast. A friend of our, Dollie, said she had a dream about Ash and I on 6/22. How she remembered is because she woke up to the news of her friend Nolan’s passing. Interestingly, I have a son named Nolan.

In her dream, we all hung out in Michigan. Funny, my first dream about Alan 6 days after meeting him, had Michigan in it.

Dream about Alan on 1/11/2020:

Good Morning. You were in my dream.

My dream: I was living with my uncle Bob & aunt Cindy. My cousin Chad was living with them to. It was Bob’s bday and we got him 3 things; a card, 50 dollar bill, and something else. It felt also that it was his 50th b-day which would of been 2001, which would make me 19 in the dream.
We saw Bob sitting on the couch and he was happy opening them up.
This far all people in this dream are water signs. Chad (Oct 31 Scorpio) Bob (Feb 23 Pisces) Cindy (July 5 Cancer) Me (July 19 Cancer)

Then Chad and I drove to a city and decided to go to your meeting but funny thing was you lived in Michigan. I looked on the map and Ohio changed it shape. I said out loud, “Ohio looks like a puzzle piece.” There was a bridge to get to where you were at and there was cops stationed before the bridge who informed the drivers they would have to pull over, bags will be checked, etc…I was like “nah, let’s turn around.” I didn’t want to be suspicious about it. So I waited some and the cops end up leaving and I drove away to go back to where I came from.

I didn’t feel I had anything to worry about in regards to what was in my vehicle, I just didn’t feel like dealing with the cops apparently lol.

My dream for 6/26 that interesting connects to Ash also:

Dreamt I was with some people and they were shooting off fireworks. Must of been the 4th of July. One guy gave me two that were on a 2 hour delay or so. Then the next morning, George Bush Jr (former president) was on a mega phone and people were helping fixing things on a particular road. I wanted to help. I checked the back of my truck and some of my tools were missing. I was curious if others had borrow them to help with whatever was going on. Then everyone was done and there was a line of trucks ready to leave. I talked with one guy and asked if he had my tools he said he didn’t. (I feel that my tools is this experiment that effects others. Hence Dollie and other people).

George Bush is July 6. Ash’s Grandma bday.

My thoughts: What I want is to have a dreams about her, her about me, and for us to have a lucid dream. So far, I have dreamt of things that connect to her. So the web is growing into…????

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