Green Acres Occult Style

On 6/22/2020, I did a live FB broadcast. About 35 minutes into it, I randomly tapped the Green Acres theme. I had no reason to. I haven’t watched that show in forever.

I felt this was somehow tied to Leslie’s grandmother. I asked Leslie when her grandmother’s birthday was and she replied “9/21/1933.” I quickly checked to see if I could find any info on Green Acres and the first episode aired 9/15/1965.

After I finished the broadcast, I messaged Leslie, who watched the entire time, I told her I believe that her grandmother has 6 days or less to live. She agreed. There are two ways you can look at what is 6 days; if you count the 22nd, you get the 27th. If you count from the 23rd you get the 28th.

The 26th

Dreamt I was with some people and they were shooting off fireworks. Must of been the 4th of July. One guy gave me two that were on a 2 hour delay or so. Then the next morning, George Bush Jr (former president) was on a mega phone and people were helping fixing things on a particular road. I wanted to help. I checked the back of my truck and some of my tools were missing. I was curious if others had borrow them to help with whatever was going on. Then everyone was done and there was a line of trucks ready to leave. I talked with one guy and asked if he had my tools he said he didn’t.

George Bush is July 6.

The 27th

In my dream, I was walking down the sidewalk in my hometown. There was a man near the sidewalk rocking a dark suit, top hat, and fancy mustache (as in the picture). He sold me a calendar.

“Why would I buy a calendar in the middle of the year?” I asked myself.

Then I woke up. I was conflicted on the interpretation. It felt like July but I also thought it would literally be applied that day. I interpreted the dream as changing of the year which meant death. Leslie dreamt also that morning. She told me her and I were discussing curved and angle time. So both dreams had to do with time.

Nothing happened on the 27th.

The 28th

I had a dream about being in an episode of Saved By The Bell lol. Slater and I were in Mr. Belding’s office talking about something. The 2nd dream I went to my friend Mellissa’s parents house and hung out with Mellissa, her parents, and others.

So 6 days, however you want to count, failed. I misapplied. What did stick out that day was the news of Michael Aquino’s passing. His organization made an official announcement that Michael passed on 9/1/2019. His news sparked this:

  • Michael was born on 10/16 and Mario Lopez (A.C. Slater) was born 10/10. That is a 6 day difference. Remember there is a 6 day difference between the 1st episode of Green Acres & Leslie’s grandmother.
  • My friend Mellissa’s bday is 1/6. She has a brother name Michael.
  • Michael’s death announcement 6/28/2020 which equals 20. There is a 20 day difference between Michael’s bday (9/1) & Leslie’s grandmother’s bday (9/21).
  • Michaels bday is 10/16/1946 and Leslie’s grandmother’s bday is 9/21/1933. Both bdays come up to a life path of 5. 5 is a number that follows Leslie btw.
  • Green Acres 1st season has 32 (5) episodes.
  • Leslie’s grandmother turned 32 (5) a week after the 1st episode.

June 29th


June 30th

In my dream, Alan and I were in front of Familiar Books (Mellissa owns) looking for a good cola to drink. Alan took a sip of one and didn’t like it. Then I am in Leesville Ohio drinking Dad’s Root Beer. Alan talked to me through the sky and asked if I have found a good cola and I told him I did.

Then I woke up and messaged Alan. Then I fell asleep to wake up an hour or two later with my brain telling me Alan is connected to England Dad & John Ford Coley lol.

Yep these guys lol. Hey, I do like their song I’d Really Love To See You Tonight. Click HERE

Here are the connections with Alan, England Dan, John Coley, and Leslie’s grandmother:

  • England Dan was born in February and died in March. Alan’s mom passed in February and his father died in March.
  • Dad’s Root Beer first trademark registration was filed on September 24, 1938. Alan’s bday is September 24.
  • Alan’s father was born in 1938.
  • In my dream, I was in Leesville. I spent a lot of time there growing up with my best friend Chad. His step dad’s name is Joe who also was born in 1938.
  • Alan’s life path is a 5. So is England Dan.
  • Leslie’s grandmother was born in 1933 and Dad’s Root Beer filed in 1938. 5 year difference.
  • England Dan’s bday is a day after Leslie’s bday.

She survived another day. What a warrior!

July 2nd

My Green Acres DVD came in the mail. The day went by and she made it through.

July 6th

Shortly after 1 am, Alan messaged me about his dream with him and I. His dream had a Lovecraft feel to it. In his dream, it was him, I, some other guy, and AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez). We were in a building talking about whatever. There was an elevator that runs from the floor we were on all the way to the top. We heard hideous noises from creatures in the rooms above us. At any moment they were going to come down the elevator and attack us. Alan and I prepared ourselves. Then a large woman with a silver mask and jacked up teeth showed up and Alan with quick speed, dashed towards her and busted his big toe over her head. Then he woke up.

Interesting things to note about my dream with Alan on 6/30 and his dream about me this morning:

  • AOC bday is October 13th, same as John Coley.
  • AOC took office on January 3rd. January 3rd is Joe’s bday (Leesville)
  • AOC is preceded by Joe Crowley.
  • Joe Crowley’s bday is 3/16. Alan’s father died on 3/16.

I took this when I took the garbage out. It forms a triangle.

I fell asleep sometime after talking to Alan. I had this dream:

I was sitting on the couch at my grandma’s old trailer. There was a party and everyone was outside. An old high school friend Brent walks in and wanted to use the bathroom. I told him it was this way and a few moments later, he thanked me as he passed me.

Another part of my dream I was going back to high school. I talked to my teacher Mr. Cauley via a piece of paper lol. So I would write a message to him on a piece of paper, stick it in a cup, and wait for his response. I woke up sometime after that. I checked my messages and Leslie informed me that her grandmother passed at 2:38 am this morning.

Interesting connections:

  • Brent’s bday is 9/22, day after Leslie’s grandmother’s bday.
  • Mr. Cauley’s bday is 11/27. Leslie’s grandmother’s son died that day.
  • I dreamt I was in my grandmother’s old trailer.

Ash interestingly had a dream on 6/26 of a friend of the family named Brent. That is 10 days ago, two 5s. Today also is Ash’s grandmother’s bday. She is 91. My grandma is 89 and will turn 90 this August. 9+1+8+9 is 27 (9). My life path number and a inverted 6. So I misapplied the 6 originally but find it interesting she passed on the 6.

Speaking of Lovecraft, my Necronomicon tarot deck will be here this morning.

If there is more updates, I’ll add them here.

I want to mention the dream I had on the morning of the 22nd, before the broadcast:

In my dream. I was out on some property. Melissa used some kind of reflector and aimed the beam towards the sky. I looked up and it blinded the pilot of a small helicopter. It slowed down and then comes a paratrooper with Joe Biden (former vice president of Obama and currently running against Trump). Joe greeted someone and said “we will land here.” Then head to the woods.

I watched the woods to see what he was doing. There was others in the woods. I even saw our current Vice President Mike Pence walking on a trail.

Then I am with Kentucky relatives. The one girl I talked to said they are from Pennsylvania but live in Kentucky. It kinda felt like grandpa was around. Idk.

Then I was outside again and there was a small group of people sitting in the chairs waiting for Joe to speak. I saw a friend of mine and we talked for a bit. I had two beers left and was going to give one to another friend. He came out from the woods and I have him a Heineken. Then he went back to the woods to talk with someone.

My drawing from that day:

Alan pointed out that one of the triangles looks like the picture from this morning of the Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn.

I just talked to Leslie and here is what she had to say about the dream I had on 6/26:

“My uncle calvins (Leslie’s grandmother’s son) tools were stolen out his building 3 days after I brought his ashes home 6 tool boxes full if diesel mechanic tools he was a bobcat mechanic they were never recovered no one charged either.”

If there is more, I will update here.

My Necronomicon tarot deck came. I decided to pull three cards in relation to this whole situation as you just read in this post.

  • 17 The Star
  • 6 of Cups Reversed
  • 7 of Cups Reversed

Today is 7/6/2020. So there is the 7 & 6 as you see in the picture. If you add 7+6+2+2 you get 17. Wow. Also 7+6 is 13. Death. The 6 & 7 of cups connect to the number 5. The 6 of cups shows 5 silver cups above the doorway and the 7 of cups has 5 silver cups behind Bast’s head.

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