Mr. 23

My dream from July 8, 2020

I was walking around a neighborhood and saw my cousin Brian, Chad, and a friend name Amanda, along with her kids.

The other I was at some campground walking through the woods. Then there was a guy with long dark hair and a mustache with a goatee chasing me. I wasn’t truly scared but I hid at my friend’s pizza place.

Then I’m walking around again and hung out with the Ghost Adventures crew. I didn’t see Zak. Then I was walking on the beach and there was a camera guy interviewing people. My aunt Pat and her ex husband Paul were running on the beach. The camera guy interviewed both of them. Pat was half naked. Paul said “I used to be fat and look at me now. Then they kept running.

Then I am walking with my ex on a trail and the band Tesla started playing on the side of the road. There was another band to. So we walked to get a closer look and end up going into a house. Arron Goodwin was there. We hugged and told him we were going to go to the patio to watch the band. My ex got a beer from the fridge.

This was the first time I have ever dreamed about my ex uncle Paul. I did some research and come to find out, he shares the same birthday as my friend Amanda from the dream. Two days later, Amanda wanted me to call her. She told me she is going to be a grandma.

The later on that day, Chrissy’s 1st cousin passed away. I never met him. Interestingly, he was born on April 23. So we got Paul & Amanda born on December 23 and Chrissy’s cousin on April 23.

I also checked to see if he was still alive and he is.

My dream from July 16, 2020

I was with my history teacher Mr. Cory and his daughter Becky (who I went to school with and was in my class). We were playing some online game with other people.

Then I found myself walking up the steps that led to the attic. There was an old woman in an old time dress, skinny, very old, sitting on the steps with her back against the wall. Her eyes is what stuck out to me. I felt we were all trying to race up the attic but I stopped and spoke with her. Becky said that it was her aunt and she should win.

Then I was in the living and saw my former uncle Paul (12/23/1954). I told him I just had a dream about him. We talked for a bit.

July 16 happened to be Ash’s mom’s birthday. Both Ash’s mom & Paul share the same birth year.

So today, July 22, Ash tells me her mom’s best friend’s sister died yesterday. The lady’s birthday is tomorrow, July 23rd. Wow another 23.

My hypothesis (early stages) seems to indicate that when I dream of Paul, there will be a 23 connection with good or bad news.

I also want to add this, when I first dreamt of Paul on July 8th, I looked to see if he was still alive. I havent seen him since the mid to late 1990s. He is still alive.

Today, I end up looking for him again to see if he was still alive even though I just looked on the 8th. He is still alive. Awesome. Interestingly, what stuck out to me when looking for him online within my state, was a man with his same name just passed on July 17, one day after I dreamt of my ex uncle Paul. The gentleman and his wife got married on June 23 (she passed two years ago). Same thing happened to me back in April of this year, where I dream of one person and the person with the same name dies the next day. Click HERE

Ash wrote a blog just a little bit ago about her connection to this. Click HERE


My ex gf and awesome friend Amanda who I mentioned earlier in this post, her daughter had a miscarriage. She had a D&C procedure done this morning.

I believe my dreams from this morning connect with this situation. My first dream, I was at some event and was surprised people weren’t wearing masks. I saw a guy who was talking about something that I didn’t agree with. I end up talking to him as we walked to the vending machine. We got to the vending machine and Ash shows up. It looked like she was on her lunch break and she looked younger (20s?). She smiled at me, said something, and got something out of the vending machine. I also saw my friend Ted getting something out of the vending machine.

Ash bday is 12/2 & Ted is 12/3. I find it interesting that if you take Ash’s 2 and Ted’s 3, you have 23. Leave the 12 and you got 12/23.

My second dream I moved down to my dad and step mom’s house in Florida. Then I changed my mind.

Dad is a Scorpio. Scorpio is the 13th Death card in Tarot and also the 8th house or death. His wife, is an Aquarius, so is Amanda’s daughter (4 days apart).

3rd dream I was in a adult art class. The teacher was a female Asian/African American mixed with long black hair. We all got to talk about life and I opened up about how pill addiction divides me and my dad. I said he spends 40 bucks a day on it (in real life way more). There was an older man who seemed to be another teacher and was dating her. When he went to the bathroom, a student got up and kissed her. I guess they were seeing each other. She saw I saw them kiss in the other room.

Then I made a basket out of clay and I talked to her more. I said I know who you are. I told her that we used to date her in 2015. She said she didn’t remember. So I told her I’m the guy with this number and a blog. Then she remembered. She said something about she’s been busy with getting prepared for mother’s day.

I’ll do a blog later on the 3rd dream.

Stay tuned..

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