Grandpa Jack’s Visitation?

Yesterday (Aug 25), would of been my grandpa Jack’s 96th bday. I think he was in my dream that morning but wasn’t for sure. I def was at his property at the old green & white trailer.

That morning, I poured him a cup of coffee and let it set out until this morning. Also yesterday, I looked at his picture and said, “I want to have a lucid dream with you in the kitchen, drinking coffee, and talk about whatever.”

Well, I didn’t get my lucid dream. I did dream of my friend Ash who btw, breaks her own record of dreaming and remembering the dream to whatever degree today. Today marks 13 days in a row (12 being her previous record).

But, Ash comes into play. Here is what she wrote me about this morning:

“Had an interesting experience last night/early this morning.

“It was around 3:30-4am and I was in the living room picking stuff up to go to bed. I bent over to grab something off the floor and when I went to stand, I felt two big hands hold either side of my hip, as if to brace me. I faint easily from an illness, so it felt like they were holding onto me lightly in case I went to fall. The hands felt like they were coming from a person 2-3 inches taller than me. I’m 5’7.

“Now this morning I am cleaning up what I didn’t finish last night and I smell men’s cologne. When I showered last night I didn’t use any soaps or moisturizer with a scent, so it isn’t me. There are no air fresheners either going. I’ve been here 10+ years and never had this. I can still smell it. Smells like a male fresh out of the shower w a musky cologne on. It’s been almost 30 mins and still going.”

I replied to her that around that time, I went back to sleep and kept asking grandpa Jack to be in my dream. When he was alive, he would get up early in the morning to shower, shave, and drink coffee. I was curious if that was grandpa Jack who was with her this morning.

I pulled these cards and my suspicions were correct. He def did visit her. There is more interpretation but that will be saved for later.

But, I needed more confirmation. I told her about the cards and told her to observe the day and see what happens.

A few minutes later, we got our confirmation. She went outside and grabbed her mail. She got a pizza flyer and the numbers 2 & 6 stuck out to her.

Top of my head, I didn’t know how that tied to my grandpa. As we continued to chat, she asked questions about my grandpa. Was he left or right hand? How did he take his coffee. Which leg was artificial? How did he lose his leg? He was right hand, took his coffee black, I don’t remember which leg it was (I’ll get the answer later), and instead of telling her, I sent her this article:

Well there is the 26. He lost his leg on Jan 26, 1972. I actually wrote a post about this back in May:

“Grandpa Jack was a superstitious man. He drove truck and got into 3 major accidents all taken place in 2s; 1952, 1962, 1972. He died on 2/13/1992. This article is from Jan 26, 1972.”

Today is the 26th. Ash’s record today is 13. Grandpa died on the 13th and his accident on the 26th. 13 is half of 26.

Ash sent me this. If you take 5+8 & 6+7, both equal 13.

Whoa! I told her to keep that flyer!

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